This is Not a Dream: A True Crime Podcast

The Mystery of The Lake Bodom Murders

April 15, 2019

On June 4th, 1960, 4 teenagers were setting up camp on the shore of Lake Bodom in Espbo, Finland. Between 4am and 6am on June 5th, someone cut the ropes holding their canvas tent up, causing it to crumple down on top of the teens. With little time to react or defend themselves, the assailant started beating them with a blunt object such as a rock, and stabbed them repeatedly through the tent. The case remains one of Finland’s most infamous unsolved murders...

This is Not a Dream is a true crime podcast hosted by Joy Luke and Heather Vaughn. Each week we take turns telling our favorite crimes, murders and other chilling tales while throwing in our own humorous twist. From serial killers & missing people to possible hauntings & horrifying attacks, we swear this is not a dream. This is real.

Hosted by: Joy Luke & Heather Vaughn

Editing: Gilbert Orrantia & Heather Vaughn

Intro Music: Gilbert Orrantia